ISLAMABAD: A Foreign Office spokesman has said that a minute of silence will be observed across the country tomorrow to express solidarity with Kashmiris and demanded that the international community play its positive role in resolving the Kashmir issue.

According to details, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said in a media briefing that Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on February 5 every year, a minute of silence will be observed across the country tomorrow. Seminars and events will be held at Pakistani embassies.

The Foreign Office spokesman said that a walk would be organized tomorrow to show solidarity with the Kashmiris, the walk would be held in the federal and provincial capitals, the international community should stop India’s aggression in occupied Kashmir.

Zahid Hafeez said that Indian aggression has been going on in Occupied Kashmir for the last seven decades, India is violating UN resolutions in Occupied Kashmir, the international community should play its positive role in resolving the Kashmir issue.

Referring to the situation in Occupied Kashmir, the spokesman said that three more Kashmiris were martyred during the last week, unarmed and innocent Kashmiris were being extrajudicially killed and the Kashmiri leadership was in constant custody.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office on human rights violations in India said that the RSS, the BJP-led coalition government is not a democracy, minorities and journalists are being treated badly, India has been fully exposed to the international community. , Personalities from different walks of life from all over the world are talking about Kashmir.

Zahid Hafeez said in the briefing that India is carrying out state terrorism and anti-Pakistan propaganda, India is involved in all kinds of activities including funding for terrorism, in this regard we also shared the dossier with the United Nations and the international community.

The spokesperson further said that India conducts a false flag operation and blames Pakistan. In this regard, the report of EUD Info Lab is in front of everyone. The present service officer of the Indian Navy is in our custody. We will continue to expose India at every level.

Referring to Afghanistan, the Foreign Office spokesman said that the Afghan peace process has entered a very important stage at the moment, there is no military solution to the Afghan problem, the Afghan problem should be resolved through political dialogue.
We want a reduction in violence in Afghanistan to move the peace process forward.

Regarding Pak-India talks, Zahid Hafeez said that Pakistan has never refused to hold talks with India, Pakistan believes that all disputes can be resolved peacefully, Kashmir has been under siege since August 5, 2019, search operations in occupied Kashmir and non- There are legal raids and all rights of Kashmiris are taken away.

The spokesman said that talks are not possible until India takes all necessary steps. There is a difference in the statements of the military leadership of both Pakistan and India. Army Chief General Bajwa has spoken of peace and solution of Kashmir while Indian military leadership Irresponsible, makes anti-Pakistan statements, The Indian leadership first made an adventure on Balakot then on Ladakh.

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