KARACHI: The criminal record of Saddam and Rehan, the “Tik Tokers” who were killed in a garden yesterday, has come to light, while an investigation is also underway into the alleged links of a woman named Muskan with drug dealers.

According to the details, significant progress has been made in the case of Tik Tokers who were killed in the Garden area of ​​Karachi yesterday. Three of the victims themselves turned out to be criminals while the victim Muskan also allegedly belonged to drug dealers.

According to the police, investigations are also underway into the alleged links with drug dealers in Muskan. The victim was friends with Abdul Rehman, a notorious drug dealer in Quaidabad. Both suspects were already wanted by police in several cases.

Meanwhile, a Tik Tok video of the assassinated Saddam and Rehan made by Chandra Zaqbal has also come to light, in which both can be seen making Tik-Tok videos and firing in the air.

According to the police, the case of aerial firing was registered in Ittehad Town police station a few days ago. Tik Tokers Saddam and Rehan have also been involved in the case of attempted murder.

On the other hand, the police have registered a case of murder in the complaint of Saddam’s brother.

Earlier in the day, police officials suspected that Tik Tokers’s friendship with Muskan could have been the cause of the murder, as a young man named Rehman forbade Muskan from befriending Aamir and this was stated by Rehman several times.

Before the shooting, all the friends went out to eat together. On the way, they also made a “Tik Tok”, later their car was shot at near Anklesaria Hospital.

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