KARACHI: The Police have obtained more important details regarding the incident in which a woman Tik Toker and her colleagues were killed in a garden yesterday.

The Police say the man involved in the shooting was in contact with the victim Muskan until a few moments ago and was waiting for the assailant and his accomplices to arrive at the scene.

Police said that when the victim Muskan and three friends reached Anklesaria Hospital, the killer and the victims had a conversation. After five minutes of talking, Muskan got in the car and the accused opened fire.

Police further said that the accused had opened fire from the back of the vehicle, on which other friends got down and fled. The bullet fired at the vehicle hit the victim Muskan. Police raids continued overnight in search of the accused.

It was learned that the victim had made a Tik Tok video with Aamir and uploaded it on social media, on which the accused and the victim exchanged bitter words. The real name of the victim is Rukia alias Muskan. A case of abuse and violence was also registered against the accused.

According to the case filed by the victim Raqiya alias Muskan, the accused Rehman and Qaiser had entered the house of the victim and tried to rape her. The text of the case states that the armed accused Rehman Khan is a bully of the area. When this was done, the accused tortured a friend in the house.

Muskan said in the FIR that the accused forcibly befriended her and threatened to kill her 6-year-old son. Meanwhile, police say the named suspects will be investigated in connection with the killings of the four.

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