ISLAMABAD: Russia, while making the second offer of corona vaccine to Pakistan, sought details of corona vaccine registration and said that Sputnik Five corona vaccine is 91.4% effective.

Russia offers Sputnik V corona vaccine to Pakistan

According to the details, good news is continuing regarding corona vaccine, Russia has made another offer to supply corona vaccine to Pakistan.

Sources said that the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund wrote a letter to Special Assistant Dr. Faisal Sultan. The letter was received by Faisal Sultan through the Russian embassy. In the letter, Russia expressed interest in registering the Sputik five vaccine in Pakistan.

According to sources, Russia has asked Pakistan for details of corona vaccine registration. The letter said that Pakistan should inform about the registration procedure of corona vaccine and the demand for first batch of Sputnik five vaccine.

Kirill Dimitrov said that Russia will continue to cooperate with Pakistan in the fight against coronavirus.

The letter said that the sputnik five-coronavirus vaccine is 91.4% effective, which will be available to the public in February 2021, the food price of sputnik five in the global market will be less than $10 dollars.

Keril Dimitrov said that they have developed a dry type of Sputnik five corona vaccine. Sputnik five is easier to store than other vaccines. The vaccine can be stored at a temperature of minus 2 to 8 C.

The letter said that Sputnik Five is cheaper than other vaccines developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. Russia has provided Clinical Trial Report of Sputnik Five to Pakistan.

Health ministry sources say Russia’s offer to supply the corona vaccine is under consideration.

It should be noted that the Russia made its first offer to Pakistan for selling of Sputnik Five was made on November 30. The Russian government continues to use Sputnik Five vaccine. The Sputnik Five Coronavirus vaccine is being given to Russian troops in Russia.

Russia’s Sputnik Five vaccine was registered in August 2020 and limited use of Sputnik Five in Russia began last November.

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