ISLAMABAD: The government has announced free vaccination against coronavirus to people across the country.

According to details, Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Health Assistant in Islamabad, announced in a news conference that the vaccine would be provided by the government free of charge.

Dr. Faisal said that we have started the process of registration, Corona vaccine will be given free of cost across the country, in the first phase, medical staff and people above 60 years of age will be vaccinated.

The Special Assistant said that initially 20 million doses would be obtained for Pakistan, one million doses would be available during the first quarter of this year, China’s help would be sought to get the vaccine, there have also been useful discussions with the British Ambassador.

He said talks were underway with Sinopharm and Cansino for the supply of the corona vaccine. Every possible step is being taken by the government.

Dr. Faisal said that DRAP has approved 2 corona vaccines, the effectiveness of the corona vaccine cyano form is 80%, Sinopharm is being used in many countries including UAE, 17500 people participated in vaccine trials in Pakistan. Corona vaccine is in great demand, all government machinery has been activated for the vaccine.

He added that a technical team on vaccines has also been formed, which will look into the side effects of vaccines and technical issues related to the supply. In densely populated countries, it is not easy to deliver the vaccine to the entire population. Delivering the corona vaccine to the public is not a small step, the government is taking all possible steps for it.

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