ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Power has come up with an important explanation regarding the increase in electricity prices.

Government raises electricty prices

According to details, regarding the 18 paise increase in electricity prices, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Power said that the announced increase will not affect the current tariff of electricity consumers.

According to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Power, a reminder note has been issued on the expiry of the effective tariff, the current per unit price of electricity for all slabs will remain the same.

Earlier, the government had issued a notification to increase the price of electricity by 18 paise per unit, after which the average electricity tariff increased from 13 rupees 35 paise to 13 rupees 53 paise per unit.

According to the notification, the tariff has been increased by 15 paise per unit for those who use up to 300 units per month. If they use more than 300 units, there will be an additional charge of 3 paise per unit.

The energy ministry said the increase in electricity prices would apply to this month’s bills, which have been increased for 10 months.

916 billion receipts issued from electricity consumers of three cities of Pakistan

It may be recalled that a few days ago, NEPRA had once again dropped an electric bomb on the people and increased the price of electricity by Rs 11 per unit for the next month.

Meanwhile, the government has started implementing the conditions of the IMF to increase electricity tariffs. Today, NEPRA has increased the tariffs of 3 state-owned electricity distribution companies, collecting Rs 916 billion from consumers in Gujranwala, Multan, and Sukkur.

The government will give final approval to the implementation of NEPRA’s decision, officials said, adding that uniform electricity tariff will be imposed in the light of NEPRA’s decision.

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