ISLAMABAD: The “Pulwama incident” on February 14, 2019, has become a laughing stock for India all over the world. In the last two years, it has been proved that Modi used troops for political gain.

Today is February 14, 2021. Exactly two years ago today, a convoy of Indian troops was attacked in Pulwama, and Pakistan was blamed for the attack. Pakistan has always denied the attack, calling it Modi’s political ploy.

However, it has now been proved that what happened from Pulwama to February 27 was Modi’s nefarious plan. During the last two years, the Modi government and the Indian media nexus have been constantly exposed. WhatsApp of India’s so-called TV anchor “Arnab Goswami” proved that Pulwama’s drama was a political ploy.

It has been proved that Modi killed his own people and even soldiers for political gain. In his desire to present Pakistan as a terrorist country in the world, Modi used the Indian military for political gain. For this heinous project, Modi hired the Indian Army. General Bipin Rawat was given a political bribe. After retirement, General Rawat was given a new post of CDS as a political bribe.

Not only did Modi not spare the Indian Air Force for political gain, but the Indian Air Force also continued to lie for Modi’s political gain and the Indian Air Force remained the “whistleblower” of the election campaign during Modi’s election.

After the Pulwama attack, just as the pool of Indian Army and Indian Air Force was opened, the biased face of Indian media was exposed to the world. Indian media bought Modi for bribes from TRPs to lie. People like Arnab Goswami kept dancing to Modi’s tunes in the media. And India’s dock media also defended Modi’s destructions, proving that the Indian media is useless.

“Modi’s India” exposed on human rights violations, terrorism, money laundering, Disinfo campaign, abuse of minorities, Modi faces defeat in the anti-EU and anti-UN campaign, despite Indian propaganda DG ISPR made it clear that truth is always victorious.

The time has come for the international community to take cognizance of India’s real ugly faces and hold India accountable for the FinCEN, UNHCR, and EU DisInfo Labs reports.

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