ISLAMABAD: The entire country was plunged into darkness overnight due to a power breakdown and most areas are still without power.

According to the spokesperson of the power division at 11:41 pm, the Guddu power plant malfunctioned, causing tripping in the country’s high transmission, and in less than a second, the system’s frequency dropped from 50 to zero and the power plants shut down.

The National Transmission and Dispatch Company’s (NTDC) five-seater V tripping system affected the power transmission system.

According to the spokesperson, the power supply from Tarbela and Mangla has been suspended and the system is being restored. Efforts are being made to restore the power transmission system and power will be restored in phases.

Three units of Tarbela Power House have been commissioned. Units of Warsak Power House have also been restored and electricity frequency is being adjusted in the transmission system.

Energy Minister Omar Ayub and Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz told a press conference that efforts were being made to find out the cause of the disturbance and that problems were being created due to fog.

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