ISLAMABAD: In the case of 21-year-old Osama who was shot dead by police in the federal capital, the judge of the anti-terrorist court expressed anger over the investigating officer and said that he did not take the real picture. In court, the accused said that Osama crossed 3 signals.

Osama murder case proceedings in the ocurt

According to details, a three-day physical remand of five policemen arrested in the case of 21-year-old Osama bin Laden was completed in the capital Islamabad after which the five accused were produced in the anti-terrorism court.

The accused include Mudassar, Shakeel, Muhammad Mustafa, Saeed Ahmed, and Iftikhar Ahmed.

During the hearing of the case in the court, the court asked whether the child was shot from behind. Police officials said that yes the bullets were fired from behind. The court asked how many bullets were fired at Osama. Police said that 5 bullets were fired at Osama from behind.

The court asked for photos of the incident, about which every police officer told that there were no pictures of the shootings, to which the court angrily asked what it meant that the picture had not been taken. Maybe everyone brought a picture of the back of the car, but not the picture in which the bullet was fired from the front.

The court said that all these things should be made part of the record.

Later, the court summoned the accused to the rostrum. The court asked if the child had fired which you fired in return. The accused said that Osama crossed 3 signals.

The judge angrily asked, “I am 50 years old. If I don’t stop the car, will you shoot me?” What is this procedure? The court asked the accused to give full details of how the incident took place.

The accused said in his statement that ASI Saleem made a call that a robbery had taken place. He was told to come to Kashmir Highway, there was a white car. It was said that there were 4 people in the car,  and in any case, the car had to be stopped.

The court said that your car was big, Osama’s car was small, you do not know how to stop the car? Will you shoot at the car?

During the hearing, the investigating officer requested the court to remand the accused in physical custody. The investigating officer said that weapons have been seized from the accused and a JIT has also been set up to probe the Osama murder case.

The court asked the investigating officer about the incident and the lawyer said that the investigating officer should be informed that this is an anti-terrorism court and if the investigating officer misrepresents, action will be taken against him.

The investigating officer presented Osama’s medical report in the court. The court also expressed anger over the officer and said that the investigating officer did not take a picture of Osama’s murder, he did not take the original picture. This means that you have also linked with the accused.

It should be recalled that Osama, a 21-year-old car driver, was shot dead by ATS personnel in the capital Islamabad on Saturday, January 2.


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