Inside story of PPP Central Executive Committee meeting – What was the decision regarding resignations?

Karachi: The internal story of the PPP Central Executive Committee meeting has come to light. According to sources, the PPP has decided to liaise with the democratic forces and contact the organizations of farmers, lawyers, traders, and doctors.

According to sources, regarding the resignations, most of the members of the party’s central executive committee were of the view that in case of resignations, the government could repeal the 18th amendment while any such action would jeopardize other democratic laws that were passed by the PPP.

The committee members agreed that the PPP, along with the democratic forces, would wage all sorts of legal struggles against the present government inside and outside parliament.

Expressing their views, the members said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement was formed by the PPP and now it is the responsibility of the PPP to run it by consensus with other parties.

The party members have also decided to contact farmers, lawyers, traders, and doctors organizations to intensify the legal and constitutional struggle.

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