The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) rejected the BBC Urdu report published on the events at Prime Minister’s House between the nights of April 9 and 10 and termed it as misleading and totally baseless.

ISPR said in a statement that “the news published on BBC Urdu today is totally baseless and full of lies. There is no reliable, authoritative, and relevant source in the BBC propaganda story.”

ISPR also said the matter was being raised with BBC officials – Photo: Wikimedia

The statement said: “The BBC’s misleading story is a violation of basic journalistic ethics. There is no truth in this fake story but it seems to be part of an organized misinformation campaign.”

The ISPR also said the matter was being taken up with BBC officials.

Fawad Chaudhry’s denial

On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry also denied the BBC’s story.

In a message on micro-blogging site Twitter, he said: “BBC Urdu is one of the few organizations that has given a new lease of life to the political use of fake news in Pakistan. Pakistan has also given a dossier to the BBC in this regard. This news is an example of the continuation of the same propaganda. Imran Khan always understood and respected the organization of the military leadership.”

What was claimed in the BBC news?
It may be recalled that the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Urdu service had published a news item on the night of April 10 under the headline ‘What happened in the Prime Minister’s House on Saturday night’.

The news item mentioned the incidents that took place yesterday regarding the no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

BBC's fake report rejected by ISPR
* BBC News image

The BBC reports that Parliament House was the center of activity all day on Saturday, but when the National Assembly session was adjourned during Iftar, the center of activity suddenly became the Prime Minister’s House.

The news claimed that during this time, two uninvited guests also reached the Prime Minister’s House by helicopter, surrounded by extraordinary security and well-armed men, and met the Prime Minister in private for about 15 minutes.

The BBC said: “There was no word on what happened at the meeting, but reliable and credible government sources who were later informed about the meeting said this meeting has not been very pleasant.”

It was also claimed in the news that a high-ranking official present at the meeting was ordered to be removed from his post by the then Prime Minister Imran Khan an hour ago. The sudden arrival was unexpected.

The BBC quoted sources as saying that the former prime minister was expecting his newly-appointed officials to arrive at the Prime Minister’s House in a helicopter and that the noise following the Supreme Court’s decision would subside that started from Parliament House.

It may have been, but the problem is that the legal document (notification) that should have been issued by the Ministry of Defense for this highest dismissal and a new appointment could not be issued. Attempts by the Prime Minister’s House to bring about “revolutionary” change have failed.

The BBC said: “Even if the removal process was completed on the orders of the Prime Minister, it would have been declared null and void because the locks of the Islamabad High Court were opened on Saturday night and the Chief Justice Athar Minallah’s staff had reached the High Court.

According to the BBC, it has been reported that the High Court is set to hear an urgent petition in which Advocate Adnan Iqbal had challenged in court the “possible” notification of removal of the Chief of Army Staff by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The BBC claimed that “this urgent request stated that Imran Khan had misused his powers for political and personal purposes and recommended the removal of the Chief of Army Staff. Therefore, the court should quash this order in the best public interest.”

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