ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant for National Security Moeed Yousuf has said that Kashmiris are frustrated over the non-implementation of UN resolutions, adding that the UN has a responsibility to fulfill its promises on the Kashmir issue.

According to details, Special Assistant for National Security Moeed Youssef in an exclusive interview with the Turkish News Agency said that the goal of our comprehensive security policy is security and welfare. India is conspiring against Pakistan in Afghanistan. Pakistan believes in and abides by international law.

He said that India needs the right steps to resolve the Kashmir issue, peace in the region depends on India moving in the right direction, Pakistan will continue to actively assert its position and legitimate demands.

Moeed Yousuf said that the three pillars of our vision are regional peace, transit, and development partnership, Pakistan is open to provide an economic base to the whole world, Pakistan’s goal is peace in borders and region.

The Special Assistant said that when Westerners come here, they see that Western media is misrepresenting Pakistan, Kashmir is a human rights issue before the land dispute, Western media is reprimanding India for violating human rights in Kashmir.

He said that Pakistan stands for peace and dialogue in principle, it is the responsibility of the world to resolve the Kashmir issue, India’s foreign policy revolves around harming Pakistan.

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