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Lahore: Girl imprisoned for 4 years rescued


LAHORE: Police in Punjab’s capital Lahore have rescued a girl who was imprisoned for four years at home.

According to the details, police in Valencia Town, Lahore, rescued a girl who had been imprisoned for four years at her home.

According to police, the girl is BS Honor who was detained by her brother for the property. The victim had sought help from a neighbor.

The victim, Huma, accused her brother, Dr. Faraz, of forging a certificate and calling me insane.

Sources said that the doctor had sent the girl home after declaring her healthy but her brother had declared her insane through a fake certificate and kept her under house arrest.

According to locals, voices of violence were often heard against the victim, which was reported to the police.

According to the report, the victim girl and her brother Dr. Faraz lived alone in the house and Dr. Faraz had created this whole drama to seize the house worth Rs. 17 million.

On the complaint of the victim girl, the police registered a case in Kana police station and arrested the accused Dr. Faraz, and started the investigation.


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