Punjab Police said that they have recovered the missing girl Dua Zahra from Okara, who was reportedly kidnapped from the Shah Faisal Colony area of ​​Karachi on April 16. Dua is present in Okara along with her alleged husband.

According to a Lahore police spokesman, Dua and Zaheer have been shifted to Okara Police Office, where their statements were recorded. They will be shifted to Lahore under police protection.

Dua Zahra and Zaheer
Dua Zahra says that my family is misrepresenting my age.

“We are in touch with the Karachi police and have kept them informed of the latest developments,” he said.

Chief of Karachi Anti-Violence Crime Cell SSP Zubair Nazir Sheikh said that a team led by Saeed Tahmim is going to Lahore. It is expected that the Dua will be presented in the local court of Lahore for recording the statement.

On April 16, Dua’s parents filed a lawsuit alleging the abduction of their daughter, alleging that her daughter had gone to dump garbage where she had been abducted.

It may be recalled that during a press conference yesterday, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah had confirmed that Dua Zahra has been traced and he is fine, however, he did not provide further details.

She has married Zaheer of her choice, claims Dua Zahra

Dua Zahra, who went missing from Karachi, had claimed in her first video released after her disappearance that she had married her husband Zaheer Ahmed of her choice.

According to PakPapers, significant development has taken place in the Dua Zahra case and the girl who went missing 11 days ago, in a video message has denied the abduction claim and said that no one has abducted her.

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In the video message, Dua Zahra has said that my family members wanted to force me to marry someone else, they used to beat me, no one kidnapped me, I came from the home of my own free will and married Zaheer of my choice.

Dua added that she had not brought any valuables from home.

“My family is misrepresenting my age. I am not 14 years old but an adult. I am 18 years old. I got married of my own free will and no one forced me to do it. I’m very happy with it and please don’t bother me.”

It may be recalled that Dua Zahra has also given an affidavit in favor of 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed. In the affidavit, Dua Zahra had claimed marriage to Zaheer Ahmed on April 17.

Meanwhile, police sources said that the presence of Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed has been traced.

He said that Dua and Zaheer are present in the Haveli Lakha area of ​​Okara district of Punjab province.

The police officer said on condition of anonymity that Karachi and Lahore police had raided Haveli Lakha in search of Dua Zahra and they were staying with a local landlord.

He said that Dua Zahra and Zaheer would appear at the police station and record their statement and hand over the documents to the police.

It may be recalled that after the confirmation of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah yesterday, DIG Lahore (Operations) Abid Khan said that the Karachi police had provided the alleged marriage certificate of the girl to the Lahore police. Police are searching for the girl from the address given on the alleged marriage certificate.

In addition, Dua’s father had refused to confirm media reports about Dua Zahra from the previous day.

He had said that Additional Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon and IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan had not confirmed his daughter and her presence.

Referring to the marriage certificate, he said that his daughter is not 18 years old but she will be 14 years old on April 27.

He said that he was not familiar with the other names mentioned in the certificate, including the groom Zaheer Ahmed and also questioned the authenticity of the documents.

Dua’s father said that we have no relatives in Lahore and he does not know why and how my daughter got there.

It may be recalled that 10 days ago, a 14-year-old girl Dua Zahra from the Golden Town area of ​​Karachi went missing after which the police conducted raids at various places to search for her but the police failed to find her.

Police officials said that the anti-violence cell has been shifted to investigate the abduction of Dua. The street from which Dua was abducted is very narrow.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah took notice of the abduction of a 14-year-old girl and demanded a detailed report from Additional IG Karachi.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah had instructed the Additional IG to rescue the girl in any case and said that action should be taken to keep in touch with the girl’s parents.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah had said that the accused should be reached using CCTV footage and other means.

However, the presence of Dua Zahra was detected yesterday.

The Dua was forced, parents

Speaking at a press conference at their residence in Karachi, Dua Zahra’s parents said, “I will thank Allah that I have seen my daughter after 10 days and she is alive.”

He showed his marriage certificate and daughter’s certificate during the conference and said, “I have not been married for 18 years now. How did my daughter turn 18? I got married on May 7, 2005, and my daughter was born on April 27, 2008. According to him, Dua will be 14 years old tomorrow. She is too young to get married.

“My daughter is being tortured and a statement is being taken from her. She has also given a statement that we have abducted her and tried to torture her. Testimony can be taken from the entire neighborhood that no violence or fighting was ever reported from our house.

He asserted that the person who has abducted her has committed a crime because he married an immature girl. The marriage certificate states that she is 18 years old. If they have any proof that she is 18 years old, they should submit it.

Dua Zahra’s father Mehdi Kazmi thanked Bakhtawar Bhutto and said that he raised his voice for me and said that the marriage of a minor girl would fall under the category of kidnapping.

In response to a question about going to Lahore on April 18 to Dua and threatening her husband, he said that nothing like that had happened. I have been cooperating with law enforcement agencies, including the police, since April 18.

“If I had known the home address, I would have taken the police instead of going there alone,” he said.

He said that we do not know the boy who is being talked about getting married, the girl should be brought to Karachi and this matter should be investigated.

Dua Zahra’s mother said that if my daughter liked someone, or someone liked her, then the matter should have been taken further. This boy should have contacted the parents, there was no such thing, my daughter has been abducted.

The girl’s father said that a boy named Zaheer trapped my daughter through the game ‘Clash n Claim’ and contacted her. If it was a matter of choice, any boy would send a relationship home at least once. But it was not a matter of relationship.

He said that the calling history in the game showed that the girl had contacted a man named Zaheer, she never expressed any desire that I want to marry this boy.

He demanded from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and IG Sindh to bring the girl to Karachi and hand her over to Shehla Raza.

Police investigation

Meanwhile, a senior Lahore police official confirmed that Zaheer had married Dua and the marriage certificate had gone viral on social media.

A copy of the marriage certificate received by the Lahore police shows that Zaheer Ahmed, a resident of Sher Shah Colony, Raiwind area of ​​Lahore, got married on April 17 with Dua.

The marriage certificate states that Dua was 18 years old and Zaheer was 22 years old.

The marriage was solemnized by the marriage seeker Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa, which Shabir Ahmed, a resident of Sher Shah Colony, and Asghar Ali of Okara District, signed as witnesses.

According to the marriage certificate, a dowry of Rs. 5,000 was recorded in it, which was paid at the time of marriage.

On behalf of the boy, some of her relatives participated in the marriage while no one participated on behalf of the girl. The age of the girl is recorded on the marriage certificate as 18 years.

Explaining the results of the preliminary investigation, Lahore police said that the two were contacted on social media, and the two used to talk to each other on a daily basis.

Citing the Karachi police investigating the case, he said that he had obtained some evidence from the internet device of the girl’s house, including evidence of ‘marriage of choice’.

He said that she had been suggested by a Lahore resident boy to run away from home for marriage.

Police say they also raided the boy’s home in Sher Shah but he had already left the house. When police tried to contact the boy’s family, they refused to cooperate, while both Mobiles are also off.

He said witnesses, including the groom, had fled to avoid arrest.

Dua Zahra’s case against her father

Dua Zahra has filed a case against her father and cousin in District Court Lahore.

The magistrate summoned Dua Zahra, who was allegedly married, on May 18 to present evidence against her father.

The father has been accused of breaking into a house in Lahore and kidnapping her after the alleged marriage of Dua.

Dua said that my father wanted to force me to marry my cousin Zainul Abidin. I was living happily with Zaheer. On April 18, father Mehdi Kazmi and cousin Zainul Abidin suddenly entered my house.

She said that my father and cousin threatened me and Zaheer and shouted at me. My Father and cousin also tried to abduct me from my house.

Dua Zahra pleads that she is married to her choice, and wants to live with her husband, criminal action should be taken against her father and cousin. The Sessions Court also restrained SHO Wahdat Colony from illegally harassing Dua Zahra.

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