The Prime Minister said that New Pakistan is in fact the name of new thinking.

Earlier in Islamabad, addressing a function to allot houses and flats to the workers, he said that by activating the 25-year-old project, the dream had become a reality and no one had ever thought that the working class Home will be provided.

PM Imran Khan alloted houses and flats
PC: Dawn News

The Prime Minister said that New Pakistan is in fact the name of new thinking.

Imran Khan said that new Pakistan means empowering the society so that the backward class can be brought up in the race of life.

“The working class has never been valued by any government, but our government has proved by its actions that we care about them,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is impossible for 6th-grade government employees to build a small house in the city but let me make it clear that we are not doing any favors to anyone, this is the right of the workers.

Imran Khan said that the major hurdle in the housing scheme was to clear the relevant law from the court which took 2 years.

He said that due to this, the project was delayed but now it will be possible to get loans from the bank.

He said that banks had allocated Rs 380 billion for house financing.

The Prime Minister said that the government would try not to charge more than 5% interest and the interest rate would remain the same for 20 years.

Imran Khan said that even if the interest rate in the country goes up, people will not have to pay more than 5% interest.

The Prime Minister said that now the rent would go in installments and the house would become the property of the workers.

He said that as the government’s revenue increases, it will continue to invest more in housing.

Imran Khan said that the coronavirus had damaged the global economy and if Pakistan today survived the highly negative effects of the corona epidemic, it was because of the development of the construction sector.

He said that the construction sector was developing rapidly and was creating jobs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also inaugurated the draw on the occasion.

Earlier, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Immigration Zulfi Bukhari, while addressing the function, said that ownership of flats and houses would be given to those earning less than Rs 500,000.

PM Imran Khan houses and flats distribution through lottery.
PC: Dawn News

He said that flats and houses would be distributed among 1500 workers through a lottery.

He said that you pay the rent as much as the installment and the rent goes up in the air.

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