KARACHI: Significant progress has been made in the case of Dr. Maha, who allegedly committed suicide in the Posh area of ​​Karachi.

According to investigators, Dr. Maha’s grave was exhumed in Mirpur Khas to ascertain the facts in the case of Dr. Maha who allegedly committed suicide. The Medical Board conducted an autopsy on Dr. Maha.

Investigating authorities have reopened the case, saying that Dr. Maha was allegedly abused before committing suicide. The post-mortem report found the DNA of a man, and authorities arrested him in the case. It has been decided to take DNA of seven accused. DNA test of two accused has also been taken but Dr. Junaid has not given DNA sample. According to the investigating authorities, the court has been asked to take DNA samples of Junaid and other accused. Letters will be written, a final challan will have to be submitted after getting the DNA of the accused and will be included in the case against the accused after the abuse section report.

Investigators say samples from Dr. Maha’s body are currently in the Jamshoro laboratory, and the DNA of the accused will also be taken at the Jamshoro laboratory.

It may be recalled that the investigation into the case of Dr. Maha, who allegedly committed suicide in the Defense area of ​​Quaid-e-Azam city on December 7, was completed. Three accused Tabish, Saad Nasir, and Junaid were held responsible by the police.

According to the police challan, Dr. Maha was addicted to drugs.

It may be recalled that recently Dr. Maha Shah’s father had filed a petition for the medical board in Additional District and Sessions Judge South, in which it was said that the police had declared the incident of Dr. Maha Shah as suicide. A new medical board should be formed for investigation at all levels. It may be recalled that on August 18, Dr. Maha Shah shot himself and committed suicide. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but could not recover. Were taken to hospital.

After Mahashah’s death, the family refused to take any action, and the deceased was taken to his native Mirpur Khas. Mahashah is the daughter of Gaddi Nasheen of Garud Sharif near Mirpur Khas, where she was buried.

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