Nicotine Pouches, a new trend that is becoming popular among the youth instead of cigarettes, started circulating on social media, and tobacco companies started selling nicotine pouches as an alternative to cigarettes to the youth under the name of ‘Tobacco Free’.

The British company’s glittering advertising campaign adorned with modern fashion all over the world, including Pakistan, is rapidly attracting the youth towards deadly hobbies.

Nicotine Pouches

The British Tobacco Company has launched a fashion-forward advertising campaign on social media all over the world, including Pakistan, in which young people are being attracted to nicotine pouches in the name of tobacco-free.

Pakistani TiK Tokers have been included in the campaign and the youth who use the product in the campaign have been shown to be handsome, attractive, fashionable, and successful.

The British company is spending £1 billion pounds on social media influencers and pop stars as part of its global marketing campaign, including sports events and concerts.

The slogan of the company’s new campaign is “Open the can, put the nicotine tablet in your mouth and become cool”. The flurry of advertisements on social media attracting the attention of the youth is rapidly gaining the attention of the youth.

In Pakistan, 40 influencers have been used in a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign with the slogan ‘Open the Can’, which has been viewed by more than 13 million people.

On the one hand, the company claims that these products are for adults only, with the aim of encouraging pre-smokers to quit smoking and take less harmful health options. They are considered less harmful to the lungs than cigarettes.

But human rights groups have expressed concern about their other harmful health effects.

According to the UK’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, people who do not smoke, including children, are also affected.

According to the British newspaper, a 17-year-old influencer said that if they were given these pouches free to use, they were not even asked for an identity card.

Keep in mind that smoking is a hobby that kills 8 million people every year. On the one hand, there is a ban on advertising nicotine products on TV, but there is a huge silence on social media, which is a big question mark.

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