Prime Minister Imran Khan was speaking after receiving a vote of confidence from the National Assembly.

ISLAMABAD: Speaking in the National Assembly, Imran Khan said that all of you have shown confidence in me for which I am grateful to all of you. Some of the members were not feeling well yet they came for which I thank them.

PM addressing in NA

Imran Khan said that our elders were very far-sighted and demanded a separate homeland. Pakistan was not created for Tata Berla in India and Sharif and Zardari become billionaires here.

Talking about the Senate elections, Imran Khan said, “I am ashamed that there is a goat market here and we have been pointing it out for a month. I was surprised that the Election Commission says that a very good election has been held.” If this election is good then I don’t know what a bad election is.

He said that first the nation is destroyed morally then there is economic destruction, the same thing happened here, tell a single nation in the world which is morally good and ruined and a nation falls morally. If it had happened and its economic condition was good when the state of Madinah went up, did they have wealth?

He further said that the Election Commission should kindly take a secret briefing from the Pakistani agencies so that you know how much money has been spent.

The Prime Minister said that Asif Zardari, a proven corrupt man in the world, became heavy in the Senate elections only because he pays bribes. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif is a dacoit who has been running away from the country for 30 years. Is doing and making schemes.

He said that Nawaz Sharif’s condition was described as bad as if he was going to die. Seeing his condition, tears came to Mazari’s eyes and it is not an easy task for Shirin to shed tears.

Imran Khan said that all of them are trying to give NRO to them just like Musharraf gave NRO to them. They made him indebted and they also took Fazlur Rehman with them who has always been the number two man.

Referring to Yousuf Raza Gilani’s victory in the Senate elections, Imran Khan said that Asif Zardari’s 60 60 million is in Swiss banks and the court said that if you write a letter to get money back from Swiss banks, Yousuf Raza Gilani will not write a letter. Refused, your father’s money was the money of the Pakistani nation, he became incompetent.

PM Imran Khan said that he was not included in the FATF gray list because of us, Pakistan was included in the FATF gray list in the PML-N government, when we talked about FATF legislation Opposition brought 34 clauses related to NAB. What is the relationship between FATF and NAB? Their only fear is that it will not give NRO, did the opposition not know what would happen if we were blacklisted by FATF, so they thought they will get relief by blackmailing on FATF issue.

In a meeting chaired by National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser, Prime Minister Imran Khan won the confidence of the members by getting 178 votes from the House.

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