LAHORE: Presiding over an important meeting, the IG Punjab directed that all station house officers (SHOs) with criminal records be removed from their posts within 24 hours of the order.

According to details, Inspector General of Punjab Police Inam Ghani has announced immediate action against several officers of different grades posted in the province, against whom there is a criminal record.

Suspend SHOs with criminal record in Punjab
ll police officers from constables to 21st grade would be suspended if a criminal case was registered against them. – PC: Facebook

He also directed the senior field staff to remove in the next phase all those SHOs who have been punished by the department three or more times during their tenure.

The IGP also decided that all police officers from the constables to the 21st grade would be suspended if a criminal case was registered against them.

Under the Police rules, the head of an area and district has the power to suspend officers up to the rank of inspector, while an IGP has also issued orders in the case of deputy superintendent of police and superintendent of police.

In addition, the case was referred to the Establishment Division for suspension of senior rank officers.

During the meeting, Inam Ghani also decided that constables and their superiors would not be appointed until they were cleared in an inquiry or through a court.

The IGP decided on the SHOs after the police’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) identified many of them who were serving in Punjab, an official said. They face criminal cases and are notorious, as well as have tainted service profiles.

He directed the field officers to remove the notorious 34 SHOs, though many senior officers opposed the move but the IGP directed them to abide by the spirit of their decision.

He said that if any SHO was facing a single criminal case, he would not be allowed to serve in Punjab, as per the orders of the IGP, his order should be implemented within 24 hours.

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