Skardu: Irrespective of the severe weather conditions and yet another demonstration of professionalism, the Pakistan Army has found the body of a Russian mountaineer of Russian-American descent.

According to details, the body of Russian mountaineer Alex Goldfarb has been found. Pakistan Army rescued Alex Gold in winter. Alex Broadpack went missing on January 16 in an attempt to reach the summit, but Pakistan Army fought hard for only one day His body was later found.


Photographs of the body found by the rescue team were sent to Farb’s family for verification. Pakistani authorities tried to climb the ‘Broad Pack’ peak, eight kilometers from Kosa. The death of Alex Goldfarb, a missing Russian-American climber, has been confirmed.


It may be recalled that on January 16, a team of Nepalese climbers made history by heading to K2, led by Nepali climbers Mengma Gail Sharma. It has been climbed and the second highest peak in the world, K2, was the only peak that had not been climbed so far in winter.

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