ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has contacts with companies from different countries for the purchase of the corona vaccine. Pakistan will soon buy corona vaccine from the supplier.

covid 19 vaccine

According to details, contacts are underway globally for the purchase of Pakistan’s corona vaccine. Pakistan is in contact with 6 companies from 4 countries for the corona vaccine.

Contacts are underway with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Chinese companies Sino Farm, Ken Sino, Oxford University, and Russian Sputnik Five for Pakistan’s corona vaccine.

Sources in the Ministry of Health said that the corona vaccine profiles of 6 companies are under consideration. There are two main demands for the purchase of the corona vaccine in Pakistan. The corona vaccine will be purchased from the company.

According to sources, it is not possible to reach an agreement with American and British companies on the corona vaccine. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson cannot provide vaccines to Pakistan immediately. US companies will first meet the local demand for the corona vaccine.

Similarly, Oxford University will first meet the local need for vaccines.

According to sources, Johnson & Johnson has refused to supply the vaccine to Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan cannot afford to stockpile the cold chain system Pfizer vaccine.

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