MULTAN: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has assessed the Emirati initiative of its situation on Israel and focused on that Islamabad won’t recognize Tel Aviv till the Palestine issue is settled.

FM Mehmood Qureshi denied any type of pressure on the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to recognize Israel during a media talk in Multan earlier today. Qureshi further said that the UAE government has praised him for their stance during his recent official visit to the UAE. “I informed them on our Israel-Palestine strategy,” he stated, adding that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan won’t build up binds with Israel till a durable goal for the contention concurs on.

Qureshi said Islamabad can assemble decisions to Pakistan’s greatest advantage. On the matter of visas, the priest demanded it’s a concise issue that will be settled quickly. He underscored that the Emirati leadership accepts there will be not a viable replacement for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “Neither can the UAE nor the KSA sees the New Dehli as a replacement for the capital of Pakistan,” he said. The FM Qureshi said he discussed the Kashmir conflict with the Emirati ruler and pointed out similitudes with the Palestine issue. He shared views on the Afghan peace process and assessed UAE efforts on the recent Taliban visit to Islamabad.

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