ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Navy has released a new promo for the multinational exercise “Aman”. This year, about 45 countries are participating in the exercise with naval assets and delegates.

According to details, a statement issued by the Pakistan Navy said that the Pakistan Navy has launched the multinational exercise “Aman” in Kanyapro. Pakistan Navy has been conducting the multinational naval exercise “Aman” since 2007. Naval forces from all over the world are participating in the exercise.

The spokesman said that this year about 45 countries are participating in the exercise with naval assets, delegates, the world’s navies are participating with the Pakistan Navy’s commitment to “united for peace”.

The Pakistan Navy spokesman added that the main objectives of the exercise were to enhance the capabilities of joint operations and professionalism for peace.

It is to be noted that the multinational exercise ‘Peace’ organized by the Pakistan Navy will be held in February. In this exercise, the International Naval Forces exchange joint operations and experiences. Peacekeeping exercises will play an important role in safe maritime, regional, and global maritime peace.

From defending the Navy’s maritime borders to providing humanitarian assistance in the deep seas, from protecting national assets to regional cooperation and regional maritime security has always been at the forefront of everything from patrols to global partnerships.

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