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Pakistan successfully tests Babar Cruise missile

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan has successfully tested the Babar Cruise Missile, a cruise missile capable of hitting a target at sea from a distance of 450 km.

According to Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistan successfully tested the Babar cruise missile. The Babar cruise missile was tested using a multi-tube missile launch vehicle.

The ISPR says the Babar cruise missile has a range of 450 km on land and at sea.

According to a Pakistan Army spokesman, Chairman NASSCOM Dr. Raza Samar, Commander Army Strategic Forces Command Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali and other senior officials were present on the occasion.

Chairman NASSCOM appreciated the training of the Armed Forces, quality of operational readiness, and handling of weapon systems while appreciating the role of scientists and engineers in developing the country’s strategic capabilities.

President Arif Ali, Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Chiefs of Services congratulated the soldiers on their successful experience.

It may be recalled that earlier this month, Pakistan had successfully tested the Ghaznavi ballistic missile. The Ghaznavi missile can hit a target up to 290 km from the ground.

The ISPR said the Ghaznavi missile was capable of carrying nuclear and conventional weapons and was tested under an annual field training X-ray.


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