Patoki: A new twist has come in the case of rape of girls in Sarai Mughal, arrested accused Yaseen turned out to be a recorded criminal.

According to police sources, the accused involved in the rape of five girls in Patoki had killed his aunt a few years back. Not only that, but the accused had also broken his sister-in-law’s legs by hitting her with sticks. Both the women had resisted the attempted rape. ۔

Police sources said that the arrested accused Yaseen has not made any identity card to date. Due to a lack of identity card, it is difficult to find the criminal record of the accused. Investigation teams have been sent to the Nankana district to get the record of the accused. A resident of Nankana district who has been residing in Patoki for a long time. Yesterday, accused Yaseen, who tried to rape minor girls in Patoki, had confessed to trying to rape five girls, police said. Attempted to rape, the medical report did not prove the abuse of the girls, the accused tried to rape three girls, leaving two on the way, and fled.

Police had said in their statement that the accused has confessed to the crime and his five-day remand has also been obtained. Further facts will come to light in the interrogation of the accused.

According to the police, DNA samples of the accused have been obtained and sent to the Punjab Forensic Lab. The arrested accused appears to be a psychiatric patient. A medical board is being formed in this regard. All the facts will be brought to light with scientific evidence.

Police also said that the accused who tried to rape the girls was addicted to drugs and unmarried. The accused works at a brick kiln in the area of Sarai Mughal and lives there.

It may be recalled that a case of rape of a sixth child during a month was registered in Patoki city of Kasur yesterday. Residents of the area said that the accused used to seduce the girls, take them to a deserted place, rape them and release them.

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