KARACHI: Sindh Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu, while demanding a judicial inquiry into the monthly rise in petrol prices, said that the government earned Rs. 13 trillion by raising petrol by Rs. 34 in six months.

According to details, Ismail Rahu, the provincial minister for agriculture, demanded a judicial inquiry against the PTI government for making petrol more expensive. He said that the government earned Rs. 13 trillion by raising petrol by Rs 34 in six months and the people were burdened with Rs. 82.16 billion per month and Rs. 891 billion per annum in terms of oil prices.

Ismail Rahu said that due to the inclusion of Rs. 30 levies in taxes, petrol is becoming more expensive, all institutions are in deficit but ‘ATMs’ are enjoying.

The provincial minister said that trillions of rupees are being poured into the pockets of the people every month due to the tsunami of foreign loans and inflation. Now all the thieves are in jail and there is no government of thieves, no jobs and no development work. Whose pockets are these trillions of rupees going to?

Petrol is twice as expensive in a month, Broadsheet has lost the case, billions of rupees have to be paid, the ship has been seized, Pakistan has been discredited in the world, Jahangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar have been given NRO in the Chinese Commission.

Incompetent people have made one crore people unemployed, they are going to get rid of this selected very soon, the people are completely disappointed with them.

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