Karachi: An important meeting of the PPP Central Executive Committee was held today, in which the talks and decisions have given the impression that the PPP is suffering from the fear that the PML-N is playing a double game with it.

According to details, this important question was raised in the CEC of Pakistan Peoples Party as to how Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s name was removed from the exit control list. After discussing the issue, the CEC made the resignations conditional on Nawaz Sharif’s repatriation.

Sources said that it was discussed in the meeting that Nawaz Sharif should return home and be a part of the long march. Only on his return can resignations be discussed. Members said that PPP is not following anyone’s dictation. Democratic forces should not be fooled.

Members also expressed significant concern that they could not form a new PNA, the PPP is the only party ready for resistance politics. It should be noted that the Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) was formed in 1977 and it was an alliance of political parties.

Sources also said that at the CEC meeting, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari appealed to the members to keep in view the issue of resignations in order to maintain the opposition alliance, however, the members opposed the resignation, according to sources. Regarding the PDM’s Lahore meeting, the C members said that the failure of the meeting to meet the expectations was a blow to the PDM.

The CEC discussed the issue of how PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s name was removed from the ECL. In view of the PML-N’s fear of a double game, members said that if Nawaz Sharif returned home, he would resign. It may be said that Muhammad Ali Durrani’s meeting with Shahbaz Sharif was also discussed in the meeting.

There were conflicting views on the resignations of CEC members, sources said, adding that the senior PPP leader said resignations should be made at an appropriate time.

It was decided at the meeting that the polling station should not be left vacant, the party would take a full part in the by-elections and would not be out of any constituency, including the Senate. The members said that the PDM declaration did not mention stopping the Senate elections.

PPP legal experts said the resignations could not stand in the way of the Senate election, and in case of resignations, the government could repeal the 18th Amendment, the government could repeal other democratic laws.

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