ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that our Hazara people are in dire straits in Quetta. We have complied with all their demands. It is not appropriate to make it a condition for the arrival of the Prime Minister for burial.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to the ceremony in Islamabad said that the people of the Hazara community were the most oppressed in the country, our Hazara people in Quetta are in great difficulty, no other community in Pakistan has been oppressed.

The Prime Minister said that 11 workers working in Machh were brutally killed. India is trying to spread chaos in Pakistan. In March 2019, the Cabinet was told that a conspiracy was being hatched to assassinate Shia clerics. India is involved in these conspiracies against Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that after the Machh incident, the Interior Minister was sent to Quetta, then after the Interior Minister, he sent two federal ministers to offer condolences to the affected families. I know that he has been wronged. Until yesterday, we have accepted all their demands. One of their demands is that if the Prime Minister comes, they will bury them.

He said that it does not happen in any country to blackmail the Prime Minister. I have said that as soon as they bury me, I will go to Quetta. If they bury me today, I will go to Quetta today.

The Prime Minister further said that if all the demands are met then why the condition of burial? First of all, I guarantee that I will come to Quetta for burial. It is not appropriate to condition the arrival of the Prime Minister for burial. All the demands of the victims of the Machh tragedy have been accepted.

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