Prime Minister Imran Khan has tested positive for Covid-19.

A statement issued by Dr. Faisal Sultan, Imran Khan’s health adviser, confirmed that the PM’s Corona test was positive.

PM Imran Khan
Dr. Faisal Sultan in his statement on social media said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has quarantined himself at home after tested positive for Covid-19.

Who did the Prime Minister meet in two days?

The Prime Minister administered the vaccine on Thursday and then inaugurated a housing scheme in Islamabad on the same day in which Zulfi Bukhari and others were present.

PM Imran Vaccination against Coronavirus
PC: Twitter/Imran Khan Official

After that, the Prime Minister also met with the Foreign Minister of Kuwait in which he also exchanged documents. Besides, Prime Minister Imran Khan had also visited Swat Motorway yesterday and Communications Minister Murad Saeed and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan were also present on the occasion.

Corona test does not come positive after vaccination: Dr. Abdul Bari

Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO of Indus Hospital, said that you can’t be tested Corona positive after vaccination, the Prime Minister must have been exposed to corona before vaccination because corona does not occur after vaccination.

Dr. Abdul Bari said that antibodies start forming 2 to 3 weeks after vaccination, so two doses of sugar vaccine are given to increase the antibodies.

He said he hoped the prime minister would have fewer symptoms because he was fit and would start developing antibodies in the coming days.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Shahbaz Gill also confirmed on Twitter about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s positive corona test. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona test was positive.

Shahbaz Gill said that Imran Khan did not have severe symptoms of coronavirus. He said he had a mild cough and a mild fever.



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