KARACHI: Governor SBP Raza Baqir has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to strengthen the ties of overseas Pakistanis with the country for which he introduced a program like Roshan Digital Account.

Addressing a function in Karachi, Raza Baqir said that Roshan Digital Account Program was a vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, on which Pakistanis overseas expressed full confidence.

Roshan Digital Account

He said that in 5 months, more than 90,000 customers from 97 countries have opened accounts in various banks under Roshan Digital Account.

“Because of the program, we have crossed the $500 million level in recent days. With the dollar, investments can now be made in euros and British pounds. The program is an attractive return for overseas Pakistanis,” he said.

The Governor SBP said that Roshan digital account has become more popular in the Gulf states, most of the account holders are also from the Gulf states.

Addressing the function, SBP Deputy Governor Murtaza Syed said, “Overseas Pakistanis can now invest in New Pakistan Certificates in dollars as well as in pounds and euros.”

He said that “bright digital accounts are boosting economic activities, it will make the future of the country brighter”.

Murtaza Ali Syed said that Prime Minister Imran Khan considers overseas Pakistanis as the real capital of the country, so he came up with the idea of ​​a program that was put into practice by the SBP.

He said that Roshan Digital Account will be a part of the lifestyle of overseas Pakistanis. SBP has made it easy for Roshan Digital Account Tax System to open an account. He also said that the private bank based in Pakistan has become the tenth country in the world to provide the digital facilities.

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