ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister is angry over the loss of Shahriar Afridi’s vote in the Senate elections.

According to the details, Minister of State Shehryar Afridi could not give a satisfactory answer to the Prime Minister on the loss of his vote, to which the Prime Minister expressed his indignation.

PM Imran Khan angry over Shehryar Afridi's vote loss

The Prime Minister said that everyone was told the procedure on how the vote is cast, you should not have made such a mistake.

Expressing anger over Shehryar Afridi, the Prime Minister said, “You don’t know how to cast your vote.” You are an MNA, how did you make such a mistake?

It should be noted that in the Senate election, Minister of State Shehryar Afridi signed his ballot paper due to which his vote was lost.

Later, Shehryar Afridi filed a petition with the Election Commission in this regard in which he took the position that he was not feeling well for some days, therefore he could not attend the party meetings regarding the preparations for the elections.

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