In Karachi traveling on the national highway to reach Malir City, then a road here 7 km from Bakra Mandi to Memon Goth. Nearby is Hashim Jokhio Goth. There is also an ancient cemetery in the Malir area. At one time, Malir was famous for its farms and the production of various vegetables and orchards.

There is a cemetery here that is said to have been built about seven hundred years ago. There are more than 600 concrete and hundreds of mud graves in this cemetery. These tombs are three and four stories high. According to experts, these are 18-foot-tall tombs of ancient Baloch families, which are also a reflection of Baloch civilization and culture.

According to a study, only Baloch chiefs, nobles, and their servants were buried here. These tombs are noted for their unique architecture.

Like various historical cemeteries in Sindh, graves have been carved here and with their help, the identity of the deceased has been ensured. There are ornaments on women’s graves and impressions on children’s graves. The tombs of the chiefs are decorated with the image of the crown, as well as the tombs of the soldiers with pictures of weapons of war.

What is special is that the name of the person buried here is inscribed in Arabic script on every tombstone. Apart from the work of enameling, Qur’anic verses are written on them. Now many tombs have been destroyed and the graves are in disrepair.

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