Karachi: Former Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi has revealed that there are some businesses which are not on paper but are running. On the occasion of Panama issue, I had said that the money went out legally, Pakistan’s $200 billion dollars has also gone out legally.

Shabbar Zaidi revealed 2 trillion dollars sent out legally

Talking to a media channel, Shabar Zaidi said that mafias are present in every sector, not only different businesses are registered which also causes problems. I also wrote 2 different articles on sending money out legally. The law on remittances is also a gift from Nawaz Sharif.

He said that in every seminar I have said that Pakistan’s business model will be Korea’s, not Dubai’s, we did not give amnesty but kept East Declaration, we want East Declaration and Pakistanis’ properties not to be confiscated, in UK A new asset law has been enacted which is being processed. Pakistanis still have between $100 billion to $150 billion dollars lying abroad. When I wrote the book in 2016, I said $120 billion was lying abroad.

Shabar Zaidi said that commission of 40-50 billion dollars is taken out on the import of plant machinery, a large amount of money goes abroad for the import of plant machinery, Whatever you do in Pakistan, a circular debt of one thousand billion will come, it will not be a circular debt but a subsidy of one thousand billion, no one will be able to eliminate this circular debt for the next 5 years, Is not the electricity subsidy a thousand billion?

He said that Imran Khan should keep the economic affairs open before the people, he advised PM to inform the people about the economic affairs, the people from whom the tax was to be levied did not let me go, the Prime Minister, bureaucracy and institutions fully supported, but I didn’t get the information from the banks which is why I failed.

Shabar Zaidi while admitting his failures said that he tried CNIC system but failed, tried various reforms but could not succeed, failed to make ID card NTN number, I have granted a big chance but couldn’t succeed. I never saw a nice and straightforward person like Imran Khan, I was ashamed that I was trusted but I could not give results.

The former chairman of FBR further said that he has also failed to stop the sale of smuggled goods, people think that smuggled goods are not forbidden (Haraam) so they sell, due to social behavior we have failed in tax collection. Like alcohol smuggled goods are also haraam to sell. Prime Minister Imran Khan is a blessing for us. Don’t waste him. He can fix things in Pakistan.

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