ISLAMABAD: The first national anti-polio campaign of this year has started. The national anti-polio campaign is being run from January 11 to 15.

According to details, the anti-polio campaign is being run simultaneously in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the national anti-polio campaign will be three days and two catch-ups, a five-day campaign in high-risk areas of polio will be two catch-ups.

The national anti-polio drive will vaccinate 40.1 million children in Punjab, 20.1 million in Sindh, and 9.2 million in Sindh, while 7.1 million in KP, 2.5 million in Balochistan, and 700,000 in Azad Kashmir, and 240,000 in Gilgit-Baltistan will be vaccinated.

In the national anti-polio campaign, children will be given vitamin A drops, vitamin A drops will be given to children from 6 months to 5 years, the purpose of giving vitamin A is to increase the immunity of children.

The National Anti-Polio Campaign will have 285,000 workers, 28,000 Area in-charges, and 8,700 UCMOs, while 222,000 mobile members will be deployed.

In the anti-polio campaign, 10,500 fixed, 12,000 transit team members will be deployed. Before the national anti-police campaign, workers have been given training in Corona SOPs.

Sources said that mobile polio teams will work in remote areas of KP and Balochistan.

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