KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members of the Sindh Assembly have beaten up their rebel members.

According to the details, the Sindh Assembly was in session when three rebel PTI members Karim Bakhsh Gabol, Shehryar Shar, and Aslam Abro arrived and made attendance in the House. Government members welcomed the three MPAs, for which PTI members became angry.

PTI Sindh Assembly

When the rebel members came to the Sindh Assembly, the existing members of PTI started making noise and got into a fight. The PTI members beat up the rebel members, the PPP members came to the rescue.

Later, the Speaker adjourned the sitting till tomorrow after a commotion in the House.

On the other hand, when the PTI leaders gathered outside the assembly to speak to the media, a bitter exchange took place between the opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh and the journalists after which they could not speak to the media.

It should be noted that these three members of PTI have announced not to vote for the party in the Senate elections.

They allege that Senate tickets were distributed to candidates in the Governor House. PTI leaders Khurram Sher Zaman and Firdous Shamim had claimed their abduction, on which a video of the three members came to light yesterday.

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