ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant Dr. Faisal said that the SinoPharm vaccine is reliable for the prevention of coronavirus.

According to details, Special Assistant Dr. Faisal while addressing the Corona Vaccine Ceremony at National Command and Operations Center said that China has given 500,000 Corona Vaccines to Pakistan. Preference is being given to front line health workers in all units.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that the efficacy of vaccines imported from China is between 79 to 86 percent, the same corona vaccine is being used in China, Hungary, and Egypt.

The Special Assistant said that vaccination would be an important step to prevent the health workers from Corona diseases. Out of 220 million people in Pakistan, 100 million people could be vaccinated.

He said that there are an estimated 500,000 health workers who are registered in the database. In the second phase, citizens above the age of 65 will be vaccinated. SinoPharm vaccine is reliable for corona.

Dr. Faisal added that 17 million doses of coronavirus would arrive in Pakistan before June 30, 7 million doses of coronavirus in the first quarter, and 10 million doses of coronavirus in the second quarter and vaccination centers would operate at the grassroots level.

Regarding the symptoms after vaccination, the Special Assistant said that the vaccine causes a little pain in the arm and a fever for a day or two. Pain in the arm and fever indicate that the vaccine is effective.

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