Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has issued a notification for the burial of Muslims who died in Corona. Imran Khan welcomed the decision and thanked the Sri Lankan leadership.

According to details, the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan have paid off. The burial of Muslims who passed away from Corona will be possible in Sri Lanka. Immediately after the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Sri Lanka issued a notification of the burial of Muslims who passed away from Corona.

PM Imran Khan thanks SL for allowing burial of muslims

The Sri Lankan health minister said in a notification that the burial would be carried out in accordance with the instructions given by the Ministry of Health.

Welcoming the notification of the burial of Muslims killed in Corona by the Sri Lankan government on social networking site Twitter, PM Imran Khan said that he was grateful to the Sri Lankan leadership for allowing the burial of Muslims affected by Corona.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his message on the social networking website Twitter said that Sri Lanka is grateful for the permission to bury the Muslim Corona victims, these are principles of mutual understanding, respect, humanity.
Such principles bring growth and prosperity to a relationship.

Muslim countries around the world, including Pakistan and the OIC, have expressed concern over the cremation of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Later this month, the Sri Lankan prime minister also announced permission to bury Muslims who died in Corona.

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