ISLAMABAD: The Cabinet Committee on Broadsheets presented preliminary recommendations in a meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Federal Cabinet will review the recommendations and approve the final TORs.

In the ongoing meeting, the federal cabinet is reviewing the political, economic, and security situation of the country and considering the opposition’s protest before the Election Commission.

The meeting discussed the issue of investigation into the Broadsheet scandal. The Cabinet Committee on Broadsheets made preliminary recommendations to the Prime Minister. The recommendations were made by the Convener of the Cabinet Committee, Shibli Faraz.

According to sources, the recommendations state that the characters involved in the scandal will be identified and investigated, while the parties involved in the scandal will be investigated and the underlying elements involved in the looting of national wealth will also be exposed.

The recommendations from Prime Minister Imran Khan and cabinet members are being considered. The federal cabinet will review the recommendations and approve the final TORs. The prime minister had yesterday formed a three-member cabinet committee headed by Shibli Faraz.

The Cabinet will be briefed on the law and order situation, strategy during the protests and the Corona situation, as well as civil service reforms, including vaccine-related issues.

The cabinet meeting will approve the appointment of the chairman of the Pakistan Ordnance Factories Board while reviewing tax exemptions on Eurobonds and Sukuk bonds.

Reconstitution of the Committee on Electricity and Gas Meters Installations in Islamabad, approval of the Karachi Dhok Labor Board, and approval of the appointment of the Board of Directors of NTDC are on the agenda.

The Cabinet will review the appointment of assistants and advisers in the light of the High Court decision, while the Cabinet will ratify the decisions of the Energy Sub-Committee, the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Institutional Reforms, and the Legislation Committee.

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