London: Who offered a bribe on behalf of the Sharif family? Broadsheet CEO Kave Mousavi named the bribe-giver.

According to details, the CEO of Broadsheet Company, Kiwi Mousavi, while stating eye-opening facts, said that Anjum Dar offered a bribe on behalf of the Sharif family, he identified himself as Nawaz Sharif’s nephew and also showed his pictures with Nawaz Sharif as evidence.

Kiwi Mousavi said that he also has witness to that meeting with Anjum Dar, in which he offered $25 million dollars, later I thought the matter should be settled through lawyers. There was hesitation on the whole issue. Nawaz Sharif was not in power at the time. Because it was Asif Zardari’s government, we thought about it.

CEO BroadSheet told that former President Musharraf had given a list of the property that was to be traced, a thug who was later made Home Minister was named “Aftab Sherpao”, we found the accounts of Aftab Sherpao in Jersey, we asked the NAB and the Attorney General to get the details of his accounts.

In his interview, CEO BroadSheet said that Asif Zardari had tarnished the image of his country Pakistan, the properties which we traced were restored by Asif Zardari, the message was that no further investigation should be carried out on the properties, we were told to take $25 million dollars and close the case.

CEO Broadsheet further said that his response was that a compromise could be reached through the courts, At the same time, said to Anjum Dar that the offer was a criminal act and that he was investigating corruption.

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