ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry has taken action against an officer who was allegedly involved in accepting bribes of Rs. 11 million from dozens of Chinese nationals in exchange for issuing exit permits.

According to Dawn, the services of Joint Secretary Khalid Rasool have been placed at the disposal of the Establishment Division on charges of incompetence, bribery, and corruption, while the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was assigned to initiate criminal proceedings against him.

The Officer is allegedly involved in accepting bribes of Rs 11 million from Chinese nationals in exchange for issuing exit permits.
The Officer is allegedly involved in accepting bribes of Rs 11 million from Chinese nationals in exchange for issuing exit permits. | PC: Sara Faruqi

According to a liaison between Interior Ministry Khalid Rasool and the Commerce Ministry, the government official is accused of taking Rs. 250,000 each from 44 Chinese nationals to issue exit permits.

Khalid Rasool is also accused of using the names of various companies to increase the visas of the same Chinese nationals on fake documents.

He has also been accused of facilitating the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), an NGO working in Pakistan, by signing a memorandum of understanding, while stakeholders EAD, ISI, and I.B had expressed concern over their activities.

According to a copy of the letter available to Dawn, the Foreign Ministry and the ISI have informed the Ministry with reference to Point No. 1I that the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has informed the DG, China, and the Foreign Ministry that Khalid Rasool, the joint secretary of the FIA at that time, received Rs 2.5 lakh each from 44 Chinese nationals for issuing exit permits.

The letter added that the FIA ​​has been assigned to investigate the criminal case and to investigate two more allegations, including extending fake visas and facilitating an NGO with suspicious activity. In which the role of Khalid Rasool is visible.

Considering the above charges, the services of the officer have been handed over from the Ministry of Information to the Establishment Division. In this regard, it is strongly recommended that the said officer be kept away from sensitive functions related to financial sovereignty/privacy. In view of the above, the Ministry of Commerce has been requested to initiate disciplinary action against the officer for incompetence, bribery, or corruption under the E&D Rules 2020.

A copy of the charge sheet against the accused on the same charges has also been attached to the letter.

The charge sheet states that you are subject to disciplinary action under Rule 3 of the Government Employees’ Performance and Discipline Act 2020, which may include the penalty of dismissal under Rule 4.

The accused has been asked to file a written statement in his defense asking why no disciplinary action should be taken against him.

Earlier, the ministry withdrew the services of its section officer (civil defense) on charges of soliciting a bribe of Rs. 180,000 from a private company for issuing NOC for a bulletproof vehicle.

In addition, the services of another section officer dealing with CDA affairs were withdrawn a few months ago.

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