Dua Zahra, a girl who went missing from the Malir area of ​​Karachi last month, has been rescued from Bahawalnagar over 1.5 months later.

Dua Zahra was rescued from Bahawalnagar after a joint operation by Karachi and Punjab Police. SSP Zubair Nazir Sheikh said that Dua Zahra’s husband has also been taken into custody by the police.

Dua Zahra
Sindh High Court orders Dua Zahra to be produced in court on June 10 – File Photo: Twitter

According to the police, Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed will be brought to Karachi after fulfilling legal requirements.

It may be recalled that after the court orders, the Sindh Police had sought the help of the Interior Ministry for the recovery of Dua Zahra while the Sindh High Court had ordered to present Dua Zahra in the court on June 10.

During the hearing of the petition filed by the mother of Dua Zahra case, who went missing from Karachi on May 30, the court removed IG Sindh from his post and appointed another officer of the Establishment Division.

The court had remarked that the police of the province have become so incompetent, the court has been issuing orders for 21 days, the girl has not been rescued, if the police will not rescue the girl then who will rescue her.

Justice Iqbal Kalhoro had remarked that we had given the last chance but the girl has not been recovered. We will issue a show cause notice to IG Sindh. If the girl is presented by June 10, the show cause notice will be withdrawn.

Later, in a written order issued by the Sindh High Court, the court directed to take charge of IG Sindh Kamran Afzal and directed the Establishment Division to hand over the charge of IG Sindh to a competent officer.

Expressing anger at the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in the May 28 hearing, he directed that Dua Zahra and Nimrah Kazmi be recovered and produced in court on May 30.

Dua Zahra case

It may be recalled that on April 16, a 14-year-old girl Dua Zahra went missing from the Golden Town area of ​​Karachi after which the police conducted raids at various places to search for her but the police failed to find Dua Zahra.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah took notice of the abduction of Dua Zahra and demanded a detailed report from Additional IG Karachi.

Due to Dua Zahra’s disappearance case, the Sindh government was facing severe criticism. Questions were being raised on the performance of the provincial government from various quarters.

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However, during a press conference on April 25 last month, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah confirmed that Dua Zahra has been traced, and she is fine.

Later on April 26, Punjab police found Dua Zahra from Okara, after which she was produced before a magistrate’s court in Lahore. At the same time, it was found out that Dua Zahra had married a boy named Zaheer. The magistrate rejected the request of the police to send Dua Zehra to Darulaman and declared her a free citizen.

In addition, Dua Zahra had released a video message in which she said, “My family members wanted to force me to marry someone else, they beat me, no one kidnapped me, I have come from the home of my own free will and married Zaheer of my choice.”

She had said that my family is misrepresenting my age, I am not 14 years old but an adult, I am 18 years old.

In addition, Dua Zahra had filed a case against her father and cousin in District Court Lahore, in which she accused her father of breaking into her house in Lahore and kidnapping her after her alleged marriage of choice.

The magistrate court summoned Dua Zahra on May 18 to present evidence against her father.

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