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The Rast program is an important step towards a digital Pakistan, Prime Minister


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the Rast program is an important step towards digital Pakistan.

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the launching ceremony of the Rast program said that with the Rast program we can benefit 22 crore people from the cash economy.

The Prime Minister said that Ehsas is trying to reduce poverty through the program, the Rast program will help in this matter, the Rast effort will strengthen the formal economy.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan has a population of 220 million which cannot be fully utilized, Pakistan collects the lowest taxes in the world, out of 220 million people, only 2 million pay taxes. There are 3,000 Pakistanis out of 2 million who pay 70% tax.

He said that the country could not move fast because there was no money for development, the middle class was being included in its development, the country’s foreign exchange remittances had increased, the current account deficit went into surplus, The current account deficit has lowered the pressure on the rupee.

The Prime Minister said that everything is expensive for the poor, including electricity, if there is no revenue in the country then how will it develop.

Imran Khan said that I ask Governor SBP Raza Baqir to provide facilities to the people through such initiatives every day. I also thank the Gates Foundation for its cooperation in matters including the polio program.


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