The Broadsheet Inquiry Commission has revealed that the record of payment of $1.5 million made to Broadsheet company is missing.

The Broadsheet Commission’s report and related record consist of 500 pages which were received by Joint Secretary Zahid Maqsood in the Prime Minister’s House.

Broadsheet Inquiry Commission is headed by Justice Azmat Saeed
Broadsheet Inquiry Commission is headed by Justice Azmat Saeed | PC: SC Website

It may be recalled that on January 29, the government issued the terms of reference of the Broadsheet Inquiry Commission, and the commission was headed by former Supreme Court Judge Azmat Saeed Sheikh and on February 9, the commission formally launched its inquiry.

The commission was empowered to investigate mega-corruption cases that have surfaced since 1990.

According to the Broadsheet Inquiry Report, a former female legal consultant did not appear before the commission despite being summoned.

In this regard, the sources said that the Broadsheet Inquiry Commission has a 100-page report, adding that statements and documents of various personalities have been kept separate from the report.

The report revealed that $1.5 million had been improperly paid to the Broadsheet Company and that the payment alone could not be considered negligent.

The report further revealed that files related to the Ministry of Finance, Law, and the Attorney General’s Office were stolen.

According to the commission report, part of the registration also disappeared from the payment file from Pakistan High Commission London.

The report said the payments were made in 2008.

It may be recalled that according to the terms of reference of the commission, the commission has filed cases and scandals in local and international courts such as Surrey Palace against the PPP leadership and Hudabia Paper Mills against the PML-N leadership as well as the former prime minister. He will re-investigate the cases against Nawaz Sharif and his family which were mentioned by the British asset export company Broadsheet.

The Commission of Inquiry was tasked with investigating the threat of corruption and the corruption of high-ranking government officials, which resulted in billions of dollars being diverted from Pakistan to safer places abroad and causing irreparable financial loss to the people of Pakistan.

The Commission will identify cases and cases related to legal proceedings and export attempts by the Government of Pakistan since 1990 for illegally transferred assets and money abroad.

Broadsheet LLC entered into an agreement with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 2000 to track the foreign assets of Pakistani nationals, but the agreement was canceled in 2003.

n 2018, a British court ruled that the company would be paid $29 million by the Pakistani government. Since then, the company has made numerous efforts to secure its payments, and the recent payments are the latest in a series.

The arbitral tribunal had ruled that Pakistan and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had wrongly terminated the asset export agreement with Broadsheet and ordered the company to pay damages.

Meanwhile, the company claimed four flats in Avenfield House. Broadsheet had written a letter to the Pakistani government threatening to ‘seize the assets of the Pakistani cricket team’ in order to get the money owed to the NAB.

In this regard, on June 19, 2020, Broadsheet filed a petition in the High Court in which it was requested that an order be issued to attach the apartments of Avonfield House as the recovery of money owed to the Government of Pakistan and NAB.

The company argued that in the wake of the Avenfield reference decision in July 2018, the NAB was found to have benefited from these apartments.

However, the Sharif family’s lawyer countered the claim, saying the accountability court’s decision did not entitle the government of Pakistan or the NAB to any benefit in Avenfield Apartments.

Broadsheet later secured its payment under a third-party order, which paid $29 million to the company from the bank account of the Pakistan High Commission in the UK.

A few weeks before this development, on December 2, 2020, the company’s lawyer withdrew his claim filed in the High Court.

The court had on the same day ordered the discharge of the Avenfield apartments, as a result of which the Broadsheet Sharif family was obliged to pay the legal costs as per the prevailing general rules of civil cases, the losing party pays the legal costs to the winner. ۔

The government paid $28 million in damages to Broadsheet LLC last year.

The Broadsheet company withdrew its claim to Avonfield Apartments after receiving money from the Pakistani government but paid the Sharif family 20,000 pounds in legal costs.

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