ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of all illegal chambers of lawyers.

The Supreme Court, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, heard a case related to illegal chambers of lawyers at the football ground.

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Chief Justice of Pakistan said that on what basis let the illegal chambers remain? Lawyers have no claim on the football ground, this petition of lawyers is rejected.

Hamid Khan, counsel for the lawyers, told the court that they wanted to vacate the football ground but the court should give them proper time. When the Islamabad High Court shifts to the red zone, we will vacate the chambers. We will submit an affidavit to vacate the chambers in the court, vacating the chambers in one to two years.

On this, Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that they cannot give such a long time, if the lawyers want, they give 2 months time to vacate the place and jump into the administration.

The Chief Justice said that the courts which are built on the ground should also be demolished, whoever has to practice should build his office elsewhere.

The court rejected the plea of ​​the lawyers to give them time to find an alternative place and rejected the petition of the Islamabad Bar and upheld the order of the Islamabad High Court to demolish the illegal chambers.

The court ordered the lawyers to immediately evacuate the football ground and demolish all illegal chambers.

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