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“Tomatoes” sold at exorbitant prices began to be distributed for free

Hyderabad: Tomatoes sold at exorbitant prices on the occasion of special festivals in the country are now devalued, as a result of which it has started being distributed free of cost.

Tomato is a vegetable that is commonly used in almost all curries and dishes, its prices skyrocket during special festivals all over Pakistan, including Sindh, and vegetable sellers use it as an excuse to increase demand. Mani sells at prices, the price of tomatoes reaches Rs 400 per kg during these festivals.

But nowadays tomatoes are being distributed for free and this scene was seen in the Nokot area of ​​Hyderabad, where vegetable market owners distributed 10 kg bags of tomatoes to the people for free.

Tomato growers are of the view that this time due to high harvest, there is a loss in bringing tomatoes to the market, as transport costs have gone up while they cannot bear the loss due to low crop prices.

According to the report, farmers have started selling tomatoes and vegetables on various roads in Sindh.

It is to be noted that at present a plentiful crop of tomatoes has been produced in Badin, Hyderabad district of Sindh, as a result of which tomatoes are easily available in vegetable markets at Rs. 20.


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