Unparalleled Love Story of Sana who married Dawood despite having his hands and feet cut off.

Promises and vows for love can be made all over the world, but true and everlasting love is that which is to be fulfilled in spite of every circumstance and such an unparalleled love has been set by a girl from Lahore.

Sana and Dawood Unparalleled Love
Sana and Dawood Unparalleled Love | PC: BBC

According to a report by Daily Pakistan, in November last year, Sana and Dawood’s life was going on, as usual, they both liked each other and were making a vow to live together for life.

In November, a horrific accident occurred at Dawood’s home, and as he was climbing the stairs to the roof, the pole in Dawood’s hands collided with the electrical wires above, causing an explosion that severely burned Dawood’s body.

Dawood’s body was so badly affected by the electric shock that doctors had to amputate both his arms and one leg to save his life.

Dawood was discharged from the hospital three months later, but a ray of happiness dawned on Dawood’s life once again when Sana stood up to marry him in front of her family and the world.

Sana’s family was not in favor of marrying Dawood after both his arms and one leg were amputated, but Sanaa did not give up and left her family and married Dawood.

Sana married Dawood despite having her hands and feet cut off
Sana married Dawood despite having her hands and feet cut off. | PC: DailyPakistan

Today, Sana has become an example for every lover who marries Dawood, leaving behind any luxury and outward beauty. Now, Sana does everything for Dawood herself and takes care of his every need.

 Sana takes care of Dawood's every need
Sana takes care of Dawood’s every need | PC: DailyPakistan

Speaking to Daily Pakistan, Sana said, “When Dawood’s arm and leg were amputated, I told him what happened, If God has taken your arm, He also has given it to you, I will be your arm. Whatever you had to do, I will do for you.”


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