ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he wants transparency regarding money laundering of elites from Broadsheet and wants to know if Broadsheet has been stopped from further investigation.

According to the details, in a series of tweets released on the social networking website Twitter, the Prime Minister said that the Panama Papers exposed the money laundering and corruption of the elite, now Broadsheet has once again exposed the corruption of the same elite.

The Prime Minister said that the elites could not hide by calling such revelations as acts of revenge, all these revelations are what I have been fighting for 24 years.

In his tweets, the Prime Minister said that the elites come to the government to loot, the elites do money laundering to send the proceeds of corruption abroad, the elites send money abroad and think that they will escape the laws of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that all these revelations of corruption are just the beginning.

The Prime Minister further said in his tweets that these NROs are taken from political contacts so that the money of corruption is safe. The whole situation causes more loss to the people of Pakistan. On the one hand, the money of the people is looted, then looted. It costs taxpayers money to get the money back, all this money is wasted just by giving NROs.

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