ISLAMABAD: Another revelation has come out in the Broadsheet case, an important letter from the Pakistan High Commission has come to light, which has raised questions on the NAB.

According to the details, $28.7 million dollars were withdrawn from the High Commission account used by NAB for Broadsheet. There were $26.15 million dollars in the account, the remaining $2.55 million dollars were sent overnight.

The question is why the NAB had a huge amount of money in the account of the Pakistan High Commission? With whose approval was an additional $2.55 million dollars sent in a matter of hours? And did the NAB inform the government of Pakistan about further payment?

In this regard, an important letter from the Pakistan High Commission has come to light. This letter was sent by the High Commission to the NAB, Foreign Office, Attorney General, and Finance Division on December 30, 2020, by fax to Pakistan.

The letter said that UBL had warned us to pay Broadsheet, we had told the bank that unilateral payment would violate international law, the bank was also told that Broadsheet should be paid. Relationships will be affected by the unilateral payment, we also wrote to the FCDO to take the matter to the British authorities.

The Pakistan High Commission wrote in the letter that according to the Vienna Convention, we have diplomatic immunity, under which bank accounts cannot be used without permission, on the other hand, NAB has to pay $28.7 million dollars on a court order. While this bank account of the Pakistan High Commission is used by NAB.

The letter said that the High Commission account used by NAB has $26.15 million dollars, the amount to be paid as per the court order is  $2.55 million dollars less, requesting NAB to transfer $2.55 million dollars to the account immediately. If If the NAB does not send money, the government will face legal and financial issues.

In the letter, the High Commission said that $28.7 million dollars had been withdrawn from the Pakistani account on December 31 on a court order.

It may be recalled that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly yesterday took notice of the issue of payment of Rs. 450 crore to a British private firm Broadsheet and convened a meeting of the committee at Parliament House on January 18.

It should be noted that the CEO of Broadsheet Company, Kaveh Mousavi, said in an interview a few days ago that former President Pervez Musharraf hired Broadsheet to trace the assets of Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Benazir Bhutto, and others. However, the government canceled the deal with the company in 2003 after Nawaz Sharif’s deportation and election.

In his interview, he said that Asif Ali Zardari had tarnished the image of his country Pakistan. The properties which we traced were restored by Asif Ali Zardari during his tenure. The message was that there should be no further investigation into the properties. It was said to take $25 million dollars and settle the matter. Anjum Dar was also met in this regard, of which there is a witness.

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