ISLAMABAD: Qatar’s Special Ambassador Mutlaq bin Majid Al-Qahtani has said that Qatar is working with Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan.

According to the details, Qatar’s Special Ambassador to Islamabad Mutlaq bin Majid Al-Qahtani met with Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Monday, during which Pakistan-Qatar bilateral relations and Afghanistan peace talks were discussed.

Ambassadar Qatar

The Interior Minister appreciated Qatar’s efforts in the Afghan peace talks. The Special Envoy of Qatar said that peace in Afghanistan is essential for the development of the region and Pakistan has made many sacrifices for peace.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that relations between Pakistan and Qatar are fraternal, lasting peace in Afghanistan is a long-standing dream of Pakistan and the Qatari government has done a commendable job in negotiating with the Taliban.

Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan highly values ​​Qatar’s peace efforts, the efforts of Pakistan, Qatar, and Afghanistan have improved peace in the region, the process of dialogue with the Afghan Taliban should continue.

The meeting with the Interior Minister was also attended by senior officials of the Qatari government. The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of Qatar to Pakistan and the Federal Secretary of Home Affairs.

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