London: More genetic mutations have been revealed in a new strain of coronavirus discovered in the UK.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, experts have revealed that a new type of coronavirus in the UK is undergoing further mutations, which is a worrying issue.

According to the report, a new type of virus, mutation E484, is being processed. This genetic mutation has already been recorded in South Africa and Brazil. Scientists fear that further genetic mutations could affect vaccines and treatment modalities.

Public Health England experts have discovered this new mutation in a few cases of the British type of virus, but it cannot be said that such a condition is found in all patients.

According to various medical research reports, mutations in E484 may help the virus to attack antibodies to parts of the immune system. However, the effectiveness of existing vaccines will remain.

Scientists also say that there is a specific route for mutations in the virus and that we can work to block it with vaccines.

Scientists have recently said that existing vaccines will need to be updated to fight the new strain of coronavirus because of the strong resistance in the mutated corona.

Medical experts in South Africa have concluded from research that the corona variety found in the country can offer strong resistance to existing vaccines, for which vaccines have to be redesigned. The research looked at a combination of patients’ blood plasma and virus mutations.

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